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Voodoo Hands

He used to be a normal man, they say…

Some say he bought an accursed synthesizer that once belonged to a malevolent witchdoctor, the spirit of whom now possesses his hands… Some say he entered into a Faustian pact with the Devil with terrible consequences. Maybe he is condemned to lurk in the shadows, creating melancholy soundscapes to soothe his tortured soul. Whether or not these are nothing but myths, we cannot knowingly say for sure. But one thing is the stone cold truth: Voodoo Hands cinematic hip-hop certainly has an ethereal, supernatural quality. 

Taking influence from soundtracks, classic funk and soul cuts, the nineties Bristol sound, and all things claustrophobic and off-kilter, Voodoo Hands exists at the periphery of things. At the point where the edges of the widescreen meet the horizon and blur the senses… 

Expect the bittersweet, the atmospheric, the introspective, but most of all, expect the unexpected.

Lo Fi Beats - The Witching Hour (Voodoo Hands Remix) by Hottwerk Records


Voodoo Hands