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We release electronic music that we really like, by artists we really like.  

Hottwerk gestated throughout most of 2007 in the mind of founder Tobias Doppelganger, a DJ and producer from the illustrious county of Essex.

Having grown up with a record collection full of Factory, Rough Trade, Salsoul, Warp, Mute, Trax, and the like, and, at the time, carting a record box around London and the south that was full of Kitsune and Ed Banger...  Tobias knew that his future lay in nurturing his own electronic imprint; following those maverick souls who prize art over commerciality, throw their lot in to do battle with mediocrity, and get told on a regular basis that they’re absolutely barking mad for doing what they’re doing.  With a mission to release only the most excellent electronic music, Tobias focused his A & R skills, dug his heels in, and spent his entire student loan on releasing the Inferno EP by his friends Punx Soundcheck (and their shadowy alter ego Chanty Poe); and thus, Hottwerk Records was born....   
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