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Punx Soundcheck

Punx Soundcheck is the partnership of John Taylor and (former Natural Born Chiller) Arif Salih, formed back in 1998 when John was working in the studio next door to Arif; the pair soon became friends, and it wasn’t long before he and John were collaborating in the studio on a variety of new projects. They quickly developed a unique sound that fused futuristic electro with a punk rock attitude, and took London’s electro scene by storm.

Punx Soundcheck joined Hottwerk in late 2007, and now their music has evolved into a sound traversing disco and house, reggae and dubstep, electro and (old) rave, all the while sounding effortlessly and elegantly modern and winning them an army of fans.

As Punx Soundcheck head into the future armed to the teeth with cutting-edge technology (their dj sets now incorporate serious hardware to push the realms of sonic possibilities), they are now a fully functioning live act, with new members Re:Raw and Sim:One on board.

Punx Soundcheck - Ghost House EP CLIPS by Hottwerk Records


Punx Soundcheck