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Spatial Awareness - The Remixes [LTD. NUMBERED CD]

Spatial Awareness - The Remixes [LTD. NUMBERED CD]


Spatial Awareness - The Remixes [LTD. NUMBERED CD]

Spatial Awareness - The Remixes



1. Boy George - Kiss The DJ (Spatial Awareness Dub)

2. Sunfish - Love To Love (Spatial Awareness Remix)

3. MRE - Gross Britain (Spatial Awareness Remix)

4. Cauldronated - Raymond Zane (Spatial Awareness Balearism Dub) 

5. Roland Faber - Darkness [Let There Be Light] (Spatial Awareness Remix)

6. Severino and Faber - Charged Up (Spatial Awareness Remix)

7. RetroPhobia Feat. Sam Buttery - Basement (Spatial Awareness Remix)

8. Diasfunk - Remember Me (Spatial Awareness Remix)

9. Punx Soundcheck - Just (Spatial Awareness Remix)

10. Spatial Awareness Feat. Luke Branch - Ruvok (Spatial Awareness Disco Alteration)

11. Mark Moore & Roland Faber - Dreams Of Deja Vu (Spatial Awareness Remix)



Hottwerk Records is very pleased to present this limited collection of remixes by the DJ/producer Spatial Awareness, who has recorded and remixed for a wealth of highly respected record labels (Twirl!, Fetch, Zombie Soundsystem, Interzone Music Club, Wall of Sound, Cherry Red, to name but a few...)

This limited, numbered CD features Spatial Awareness remixes of tracks by Boy George, RetroPhobia, Severino, Cauldronated (featuring Dave Barbarossa, ex-Bow Wow Wow/Adam & The Ants) and more, that have all found their way to dancefloors and radios all over the world. 

This will be the first time many of these these tracks will become available on CD format. This is a strictly limited edition run of 100 hand numbered CDs are available to preorder exclusively right here.

Please note: there will be no represses, and this is a CD only release.


Preordered CDs will be despatched on or before Friday 17th November 2017.

Quantity:  at  £8.00  each

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