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Planet Of The Tapes, part 2: Bill Brewster

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I was immensely fortunate to have been able to interview certain luminaries for my dissertation a couple of years back. Amongst others, Jagz Kooner, Danny Breaks, and Jon Marsh very kindly took part in email interviews and provided me with a very useful treasure trove of information and insight. But the authority on the history of dance music and splendidly lovely chap that is Bill Brewster let me phone him up and chew his ear off for half an hour or so, and tape the resulting conversation, which turned out to be incredibly interesting and compelling. Bill Brewster is the co-author (with Frank Broughton) of the dance music bible, "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life". If you have not yet read it, forshame. Go straight to Amazon and order yourself a copy, you won't regret it. Best tenner you will ever spend on a book.

When I was teaching DJing - or, should I say, when I was attempting to teach DJing (it was a lousy course, written by some one who most likely went to a club once in the mid-eighties and had very little relevance to DJing. I eventually threw the syllabus out of the window, showed them the rudiments of beatmatching, and told them to practice and work it out for themselves; meanwhile I tried to teach them useful stuff like sound system basics and the history of dance music) the only thing that I actually required the students to do was read Bill and Frank's book.....

Anyway, here's the interview with Bill that helped me write my 5000 words.

Bill Brewster Interview 2009 by Hottwerk Blog Posts

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