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Free Lo-Fi Beats EP to download!!

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LoFi Beats

Support for The Chief EP:

"Really like Rhythm & Beats, interesting!" - Steve Dewaele (2manyDJs/Soulwax/One Man Party) 
"Cool EP, 4/5" - Brandon Block 
"Loving the drop of Primal Thing" - Rattus Rattus 
"NICE!!!" - Larry Tee

As a taster of his forthcoming release The Witching Hour on September 26th, here are 3 FREE storming tracks from Lo-Fi Beats to keep dancefloors going all summer, showing off the awesome genre-defying talents of one of the most exciting dj/producers to be currently rising up in the UK.

Lo-Fi won a coveted slot opening up the Mixmag stage of Creamfields 09, and since then has been stealthily building a fiersome reputation. 
With his remix of Bearcraft’s Broadswords having caused quite a stir, Lo-Fi gave us a dose of summery dancefloor energy, welding dubstep to techno with electrifying results in the shape of his debut, Daze Off. Brand new EP The Witching Hour is his much awaited follow up on Hottwerk Records.

Lo-Fi Beats - The Chief EP by Hottwerk Records

And if that wasn't enough, we also decided to have a peek into the brain of Mr. Lo-Fi Beats, AKA Adam Lewis...

Where are you coming from musically, Adam? What are your roots??

I've been interested in dance music from a young age I think mainly from listening to my dads old Altern8 and KLF tapes when i was about 10 years old, I'd never heard anything like it, it was a revolution. Also playing around with reel 2 reel players, slowing down and speeding up music on these things is very fun as a kid!

What are you talking about, Willis?

First off I'm not Willis but if I was I'd probably be talking about my next release 'The Witching hour' which is a certified banger, especially with a remix from the amazing Punx Soundcheck!

Why do you do what you do?

Because its way too fun! Recently I've made a new band called Meteors which is a 3 piece from Southend, half live half electronic, its all VERY exciting to be making something genuinely different. Watch this space...

What do you think of the state of the industry right now?

In some ways its amazing at the moment with artists really pushing the boundaries like sebastiAn and SBTRKT both pushing in different ways but musically brilliant. I don't like the fact that every song HAS to have a dubstep remix now, I love some dubstep but theres 90% generic wob wob thats the same as the other 1000 wob wob tracks, give me a good melody over that anyday! The charts are full of cheesy dance beats at the moment, but if thats a leg up for kids to start delving deeper into dance music I can't knock it too much.

What is exciting you musically right now?

As already mentioned SBTRKT is a big fave at the moment and The 2 Bears for their real classic house sound, but i also listen to a lot of different stuff like Metronomy (album of the year for me), also new Tom Vek album is killer.

Where do you see things going for yourself over the next couple of years?

Hopefully a lot more dj gigs and produtions coming out, I feel my productions are just getting better and better so i'm very excited to finish of some new tracks, maybe put together a mini album. I've had such good feedback from massive artists like Fatboy Slim and Soulwax I think i must have accidentally done something right! We also hope to also have a Meteors album finished by the end of the year!

Where can we see/hear your splendid self, then??

You can catch me every monday for Monday Funday at The Sunrooms Southend aswell as Mish Mash 26th august at The Royal Hotel. We have our debut Meteors gig at The Dirty South in Lewisham on 13th August where i am also finishing the night off with a dj set straight after our show. Busy busy....


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