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  1. Here's some more free music for you lucky things - a DPPLGNGRS remix of a cover of Adamski's dance classic "Killer" by their very good friends, The Vanity Clause. The Vanity Clause hail from Southend and specialise in analogue synths fused with tough vocals, or as they put it, "Saucy sci fi, synth, psychedelia with beats and soul". Hottwerk artists DPPLGNGRS give their cover a heavy electrodisco makeover. Enjoy....

    The Vanity Clause - Killer (DPPLGNGRS Remix) FREE 320 by DPPLGNGRS


  2. Tape

    In a previous life, Tobias Doppelganger indulged in a spot of music journalism. Having recently unearthed his original cassettes of interviews from the earlier part of this century, we thought we would share these previously unheard treasures with you.... Part the first: Unkle/Mo'Wax head boy and sometime chum of DJ Shadow, James Lavelle, who shared his thoughts backstage at the V Festival in 2002, having literally just finished his set in the dance tent. Poor soul was a bit knackered and probably the last thing he wanted was the business end of a microphone thrust in his vizog.... 


    James Lavelle Interview V2002 by Hottwerk Blog Posts