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  1. Welcome, bienvenue, wilkommen. Here is the all new website from Hottwerk, with, of course, a brand new blog; from this online vantage point we can deliver to your splendid selves news and tales of interest, and pontificate about random tat. 

    Let us start here. The last few months have seen a lot of changes for Hottwerk; the hard work, determination, and good old British never-say-die attitude has really started to pay dividends. We have brought out our first ever compilation album, Future Imperfect. We are immensely proud of all of the 14 tracks on the album - all completely exclusive to this release, and we think it's a perfect showcase for the distillation of the first four years of Hottwerk, and a nice way of closing one chapter and beginning the next (available here: ).

    We have finally moved into an office suite/studio in a lovely (and possibly haunted) Grade II listed building in Southend; we haven't yet thought of a witty name for it ("Hottwerk Towers" or similar). Any suggestions, contact us through the website and if we like it, we may use it. If it makes us laugh, we may send you some goodies.

    We have also just started Hottwerk Music, our new publishing wing. This is a tremendous leap forward for us and we're very pleased to be able to publish and push to the wider consciousness artists from the Hottwerk family. So this is all good.

    In other news, we have been working on the release schedule for the remainder of 2011 and into 2012, and it's looking (and sounding) pretty darned special. To whet your aural appetite: we have the debut release from disco alchemist Spatial Awareness, some rather big name remixes (all a bit hush hush right now...) of Punx Soundcheck's acclaimed Ghost House EP, the follow up to DPPLGNGRS "electro single of the month" (DJ Mag) Invaders, and the debut album from sublime electronica genius Little Penguin. And there's more to be finalised....